Sandton Waterproofing & Roofing Services

Looking after your roof properly should be a task on every home owner’s checklist. Detecting problems with you roof early will save you a lot of money in expensive repair and restoration work further down the line but in the unfortunate event that you are experiencing a leak, broken roof or damaged roof, Waterproofing Sandton can help and we cover any eventuality for ANY type of roof you can think of!

Waterproofing In Sandton

We have the skill and manpower to deal with any situation whereby you might require a professional roofer or waterproofer in Sandton. If you waterproof membrane has become damaged through excessive sun, bad weather or general wear and tear then you are at risk of serious damage and costly repairs to your damp timber, your overall roof structure and not to mention damp within your home if you do not take action. We can repair, replace, re-roof, re-design, insulate and renovate your existing roof or can design and build a completely new roof structure for you to your exact requirements – one call really does cover it all when you get in touch with our professional waterproofers!

Following any remedial work carried out by our skilled engineers, we will provide a summary of your report to you to outline ways in which you can help to make further prevention against future damage including the option to take out a regular maintenance and inspection contract for regular checks on your roof structure. We can also check for damp and rotten timber and provide full damp proofing services. Whatever your requirements might be, give us a call today and let the team at waterproofing Sandton deal with your request. Call today on 010 500 4221

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