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Damp Problems? We can Help! We are highly regarded specialists when it comes to Damp Proofing in Johannesburg and have a team of experts armed with all the knowledge and solutions you need to rid your home of Damp for good! One call to us will cover it all from finding the route of the issue through to full diagnostics and break down of the best solutions and treatments required. Our solutions, prevention and treatments are designed to be both durable and cost effective whilst always maintaining the highest levels of excellence and customer satisfaction. Get the job done right, first time and give us a call today

There are many causes of Damp within the home and first off, our Damp Proofers in Johannesburg will need to determine the root of the problem to be able to diagnose the most appropriate treatment. 9 times out of 10 Damp is caused by a leaking roof, usually through faulty or damaged waterproofing membrane and this is the best place to start. It’s not uncommon for small leaks or cracks to go unnoticed which over time will cause the build up damp within your roof supports and other timber within the home. Rooting or Damp timber is not only dangerous to the overall structure of your home but can also be detrimental to health and well being of you and your family. Thankfully, our expertly trained eyes will help to find the cause of your Damp issues and provide a durable and long lasting solution.

Damp within your home or business can take many different forms. We offer Professional Damp Proofing Johannesburg for the most common issues:

Rising Damp in Johannesburg is commonly caused by poor insulation. If the waterproof plastic lining fails the result is Rising Damp. As experts in Rising Damp services and Damp Rising Solutions, we will actively install chemical or osmotic DPC which is injected into the masonry work to repel water. Alternatively, a new damp membrane can be fitted and will act as a physical barrier to block moisture.

Descending Damp is more than likely caused by faulty waterproofing, leaking gutters, poorly waterproofed balconies, leaking roofs and leaking water pipes. The treatment in this case is fairly straight forward and involves locating the leak and making it water tight again. Damp or rotten timber can either be replaced or treated to avoid any further damage. As an expert waterproofing company, we will provide honest, low cost and effective solutions.

Penetrating Damp is usually found internally and is caused by a leaking water source or down pipe which causes backfill against the walls in your home. After locating the source of the problem, our expert Damp Proofers Johannesburg will repair and seal the plaster on the walls to prevent future damage.

Basement Damp. Basements are notoriously bad for damp as they fall below the water table and be costly if not done right. We offer Basement Tanking Johannesburg to ensure that surface water is repelled from touching your plaster work. We use chemical sealant to ensure the whole room is water tight and will prevent the build up of damp for a long last result.

We also offer many solutions to prevent Damp from arising in the first place. Damp prevention is always better than the cure so our team of Damp Proofing Experts in Johannesburg can offer a range of solutions to you at fantastic rates. Whether its regular inspection, sealing or painting, one call to us covers it all. Just call 010 500 4221 and talk directly to one of our team today.