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Posted by Samuel Pretorious

Welcome to our blog! We hope you find the information here useful and informative and would encourage active participation, sharing and other hints and tips our customers would like to add. As a first post, we look at the main advantages of properly waterproofing your roof and the long term cost savings you can achieve as well as extended roof life. The graphic below covers some of the main factors to consider when having roof waterproofing seal installed.

Waterproofing-information Graph

When choosing the correct waterproofing coating for you roof, you need to take many factors into consideration. For starters, what is roof made of? Different coatings apply to wood and metal and the durability of the coating will largely depend on the correct first application and you will cut your overall costs by getting this right first time. You then need to consider damage caused by UV and bad weather so if your region gets a lot of rain, you need a tough, durable coating and the same applies for if you have consistent southerly sun. These 2 deciding factors will help to cut costs in roof repair and will give an overall longer life of your roof. Be sure to have a professional install your waterproofing membrane or carry out repairs to ensure that the job is done right. Cost savings can be made on electricity bills for heating and or air conditioning if the membrane is correctly installed and provides adequate insulation to the roof. For more information, get in touch with our team and well be happy to help!

By Samuel Pretorious

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